Пилипенко О.В.

Pylypenko Oleksandr

Department of Electronics, General and Applied Physics


Position: Doctor of Phylosofy, engineer

Workplace: Ц-125

E-mail: pylypenko.o@gmail.com

List of publications

Education information:

2010 –2013 Graduate study at the Department of Applied Physics Sumy State University (Ukraine)

2009 – 2010 Master’s in Electronic devices and equipment Sumy State University (Ukraine)

2005 – 2009 Bachelor’s in Electronic devices and equipment Sumy State University (Ukraine)

Academic degrees and titles:

Doctor of Phylosofy. Thesis topic – Electrophysical and magnetoresistive properties of film systems on the basis of Fe, Ni and Ag or Au.

Teaching experience:

2019/2020 – Physics for International Students

Participation in scientific projects:

2017-2020 “Thermostable metal spin valves for the implementation of spin channels in the components of flexible sensor electronics” No. 0117U003925;

2015–2017 “The effect of granulation and spin-dependent electron scattering processes on the physical properties of film solid solutions” No. 0115U000689

2012–2014 “Electrophysical and magnetoresistive properties of nanoscale film materials with spin-dependent electron scattering” No. 0112U001381,

2013–2014 “Phase transformations, diffusion processes and magnetoresistive properties of multisheets based on Fe and Pd, Pt or Ag” No. M / 362–2012 dated 20.05.2012 between SSU and Baroda University (India)

2011–2012 Individual grants within the framework of the state program of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “Training of students and graduate students and internships of scientific and pedagogical workers in leading higher educational establishments and scientific institutions abroad” according to the agreement between Sumy State University and Institute of Physics. J. Gutenberg (Mainz, Germany).