Doctoral degree

n 2019 Department of Electronics, General and Applied Physics invites to study in the specialty 01.04.07 – solid state physics.

The term of study is two years.

 Admission rules

Doctoral studies are accepted for persons who have a PhD degree, scientific achievements and published works in a chosen scientific specialty and who are able to carry out basic, exploratory and applied research at a high scientific level.

Entrants submit the following documents:
1. statement;
2. personal record of personnel registration, certified by the seal of the institution where the applicant for doctoral studies works;
3. a list of published scientific works and inventions (according to the established model, with the definition of professional publications in the scientific specialty of the proposed dissertation);
4. copy of diploma on awarding the scientific degree of candidate of sciences (in case of obtaining appropriate education abroad – a copy of a nostrified diploma);
5. a detailed plan of the dissertation for the degree of doctor of sciences.
Passport, diploma of the degree of Candidate of Sciences submitted in person.

More information can be found at the link