History of creation
Department of Electronics, General and Applied Physics

On March 1, 1992, the Department of Electronic Mechanical Engineering was formed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Sumy Institute of Physics and Technology and was headed by Prof. Fedorenko Alexander Ivanovich. During 1994-1996 the head. The chair became a Ph.D. Savchenko Ivan Sergeevich.


On January 5, 1996, the Department of Applied Physics was formed at the Faculty of Physics and Technology, which trained students in the field “Electronic Devices and Systems”, and from May 1996 Head. Professor Protsenko Ivan Yukhimovich became the chair. In 2009 the department became a part of the faculty of electronics and information technologies. On September 1, 2017, the department of electronics, general and applied physics was formed by the merger of two structural divisions: the Department of Applied Physics and the Department of General and Theoretical Physics, headed by Prof. Ivan Protsenko, Prof. The department is graduating and is preparing students for the specialty 171 “Electronics” educational program “Electronic information systems” and 014 “Secondary education. Physics”, actively carries out scientific work and as a result, graduate students and doctoral students are protected.