Laboratories of the department

Problematic Laboratory of Materials Science for Micro- and Nanoelectronics

The Department of Applied Physics of Sumy State University operates the Center of Electron Microscopy and Mass Spectroscopy at the Problem Laboratory of Materials Science of Micro and Nanoelectronics. The Head of the Center is the Head of the Department of Applied Physics, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Professor, Prof. Ivan Protsenko. Under his leadership, he runs a state budget theme and an international grant with the University of Baroda (Vadodara, India).

The problem laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, which allows to carry out various kinds of research of electrophysical, magnetoresistive and magneto-optical properties, electrical resistance. Transmission microscopy and electron scanning make it possible to carry out comprehensive studies of the crystalline structure and phase composition of film materials.

Main scientific area:

Electrophysical and Magnetoresistive Properties of Spin-Dependent Electron Scattering Films (Head – Ph.D., Professor Protsenko, Professor Protsenko, Professor)

Scientific topics:

Phase composition and magnetoresistive properties of film materials based on ferromagnetic and rare earth metals. (Head – Doctor of Science (MSc), Professor A. Chornous);

Magnetoresistive and magneto-optical properties of spin-valve structures based on thin films and small particles (Head – Doctor of Science (Ph.D.), Professor Protsenko S.I.).

Purpose of the laboratory:

Conducting fundamental studies of the structure-phase composition and physical properties of thin-film materials;
establishing cooperation with scientific institutions and laboratories of European and other countries;
participation in competitions of projects of scientific works for receiving of corresponding grants;
significant improvement of the work on the training of scientific and pedagogical staff of high qualification;
involvement of capable students in performing scientific research in a modern scientific laboratory.


Ukraine, 40007, Sumy, st. Rimsky-Korsakov, 2, Problem Laboratory of Micro and Nano Electronics Electronics, Aud. C124, C125, C129, ET99
Tel. (0542) 33-61-12

Employees of the problem laboratory have the opportunity to work on the devices of secondary mass spectrometry, Auger spectrometry, X-ray diffractometry.